Who Runs the World? Sex Positions with Women on Top

Who Runs the World? Sex Positions with Women on Top


When you read through men polls and surveys, one of the top-rated ways to knock their boots off is having women on top. Because she takes charge of her own pleasure she can go as fast and deep, and even man-oeuvre her way to reaching pleasurable heights. On the other end, watching her do just this – pleasuring herself while doing him is the greatest factor that burns his lust and simply makes sex sexier. With this said, Get Sex Gyan
features various positions to try when she’s on top:

The Hula

As he lies propped with a pillow, she positions herself atop and swivels and pumps like crazy. The circling motion of the pelvis allows the woman to feel every inch of his rock hardness. A good way to really feel the impact of the motions is slowly coming up and down while doing the hula – side to side or in full circle, motions for that deliciously pleasurable feel in her insides. Rated high when it comes to carnal challenge, both partners will be set on fire.

Thigh Master

While he lies flat on his back, one leg is bent with the other lying outstretched. She positions herself facing the propped leg where her stomach almost touches the knee. She holds onto the legs for support while she frisks away – going up and down on his shaft. The torrid thrusting can be made more exciting if she tries to lean closer to the thigh to massage them with her breasts, stimulating the nipples. And while leaning closer, she can also enjoy some pressure on her clit.

Bucking Rodeo

He lies flat, spreading his legs a little – knees bent. She faces him, leaning backward propping herself up with both hands. For an erotic touch, instead of just her moving, both can thrust their hips up and down in a complementing rhythm. This woman-on-top position creates an angle that greatly stimulates the G-spot while his hands are free to pleasure her more.

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