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Nightfall Causes, Symptoms and Natural cure nightfall Problem

This disease should be treated on priority basis without wasting time to prevent further loss in sexual and physical power. Start with the course of full package for male sex problems. Take these ancient ayurvedic medicines for complete solution of your all sex problems.

Get rid of masturbation naturally by using Natural Remedies

In general sense, masturbation is the act of exciting the sexual organs by rubbing, stroking, or fondling, pressing or other forms of handling. It is part of the normal sexual development which occurs in adolescent and which everyone indulges in at some point in life. In a more restricted sense, masturbation goes beyond just exciting the sexual organs, that is, in men, not just handling the penis until erection is achieved.

5 Things Lesbians Would Hate to Happen

Some straight women imagine that lesbian relationships are pure bliss. They remember how well they got along with their best friends and think that every day must be filled with shared feelings and every night must be a joyful slumber party. Think again. We lesbians know that our relationships, like any other relationships, must be […]

Age of Consent

There are some important laws regarding sex and young people, which often vary in different countries or states. This article is written mainly for adults. What does the age of consent mean? The age of consent is the age at which a young person is legally able to understand and agree to consensual sex. In […]

Am I a lesbian ?

Am I a lesbian ?

“Well am I or aren’t I… a lesbian?” This is a question that many young women might ask themselves as they grow up. Part of growing up is discovering your sexuality and learning about yourself – as all young people grow up they start to become aware of other people – and start to find […]

Birth Control and Contraception for Teenagers

What is birth control? ‘Birth control’ is a term that describes things that stop a woman or girl from becoming pregnant, or giving birth. Birth control can mean a wide range of things – from ‘contraceptives’ (used to reduce the chances of a woman becoming pregnant) to other ways of avoiding pregnancy, like not having […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Pregnancy

How does a woman become pregnant? A woman usually becomes pregnant after having sexual intercourse. This is where a man puts his erect penis inside a woman’s vagina. The friction caused by moving his penis in and out of her vagina will cause him to get increasingly excited until eventually he ejaculates (or ‘comes’) and […]

rape sex assault

From Rape to Sexual Assault

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about sexual violence is that it is sexual. The big lie is that the perpetrator couldn’t control himself, he found her so attractive that he had to…etc. This suggested that rape was an outgrowth of some instinctual genetic imperative. Individual men were seen to have no control of their […]

Gay at School

When asked, it seems that many gay men and lesbians remember their school days with very mixed feelings – a time when, in addition to the growing pains that all teens suffer, they suffered additionally at the hands of a homophobic education system, and of their classmates. Furthermore, not only do gay pupils often have […]

Lesbian Sexuality

She was beautiful, with blonde hair done up in a bun and a stunning floor-length dress that shimmered when she moved. I watched her, breathless, already half-hating the man who would meet her and sweep her off her tiny, glass clad feet. Why not a woman? I thought bitterly. Why not a connection with the […]

Lesbians, Bisexual Women and Safe Sex

Why should lesbians think about HIV? Generally, lesbians are at low risk of HIV infection, unplanned pregnancy and becoming infected with STDs. However, even though sex between women has a reduced likelihood of transmitting HIV, transmission can still occur. Sex between women is not always safe, and therefore women need to know the risks and […]

More about having sex for the first time

What is virginity? A ‘virgin’ is traditionally seen as someone who has never had sexual intercourse before. However, people have different ideas about what ‘losing your virginity’ means. For some, it’s simply having heterosexual sex for the first time. For others, it can mean having any sort of sex – including gay or lesbian sex […]


Bells of alarm ring in a parent’s head at the very mention of the word. Not only is time running out for “The Big Talk” but what exactly happens and when. It all happened so long ago in a lifetime before kids, before partners, even before high school. What information should you give? What information […]

Sexual Fantasies

What are the implications of sexual fantasies? I found out that my husband has homosexual fantasies and has been exploring them on the Internet. He says he is not gay, but the issue bothers me. Anne Replies: Many people have sexual fantasies about people other than their spouses, but this does not necessarily mean that […]

Teens, Sex and Law

It seems to many teens that adults are always making a big deal about people having sex under the age of consent. Many young people think that if they feel ready to have sex and they use protection, it is nothing to do with anyone else. But every teen needs to know the laws and […]

Worldwide Ages of Consent Chart

This table lists different countries around the world, and shows the ages at which people of different sexualities can legally have sex. If you’re an adult, and you’re reading this page for personal information, then you might need a more detailed explanation of these laws as they relate to adults. This table should only be […]

Young Gay Men Talking – Sex & AIDS

Sex education in schools tends to focus on pregnancy and reproduction, and sometimes looks at HIV and STD prevention. Information about being gay doesn’t seem to be very common in sex education classes, which leads to misunderstandings rather than knowledge. Ignorance can end up as fear, prejudice and risky behaviour. A recent survey in the […]

Young Gay Men Talking – So am I gay Or not

“You’ve probably been brought up thinking that everyone, including yourself, is straight.” – Phil “Being gay is something you might discover about yourself as you grow up – it’s unlikely to be a sudden feeling.” – Andy “Working out you are gay will probably take a long time, and may involve very difficult feelings.” – […]