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General questions about Sex

How do you have sex? How to have sex is actually quite simple. When a man’s penis becomes hard, he places it inside a woman’s vagina, and moves it in and out. This creates friction which is pleasurable for both the man and the woman. After a while, this friction will usually cause the man […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Contraception

What is contraception? Contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy. It is also known as ‘birth control’, although this is a more general term that includes complete abstinence from sex (the ultimate form of contraception!). Pregnancy happens when a man’s sperm meets a woman’s egg and fertilisation (also known as conception) occurs. Contraceptives stop this […]

Having Questions on Your Sexuality

Homosexual people most often do not know that they are homosexuals right away. Many times, as a person enters their teen years and hormonal changes are occurring, a teen may struggle with the many overpowering sexual feelings they are having. It is at this time that some teens may wonder if they are gay or […]

Questions about sex for teens and young people

How does the law in my country/state apply when having sex? Laws about sex vary depending on which country or which state (if you are in the US) you live in. The most important thing to know is the age of consent. This is the age at which it is legal to have sex. In […]

Condoms and Spermicides: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Condom Questions Why should you use a condom when you have sexual intercourse? If you are going to have sex, using a condom is the best way to protect both partners against becoming infected with a sexually transmitted disease. They also protect against pregnancy. Are condoms effective against HIV and other STDs? Condoms are very […]