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How to Prevent Yeast Infection Simple Precautions and Tips

Yeast infection is a common problem that can bring lots of troubles and inconvenience. Here in this article you will find simple precautions and tips that will help you to prevent yeast infection.

Yeast infection Causes, Symptoms, Precautions and Home Remedies

If you or someone you know is affected by loss of bladder control, you are not alone. Urinary incontinence affects 30 to 50% of women; although the rates go up with age, incontinence among young women is quite ordinary. This situation affects men and women, although it is nearly twice as ordinary in women. The prevalence of urinary incontinence does increase with age, but it is not considered usual at any age. Doctors should routinely question women over age 65 about bladder evils, counting overactive bladder.

Facts About Condoms

Most of the population is currently sexually active. Many times people have several different sexual partners throughout their lifetime. Sex is a physical release that relieves stress and tension in the body. There are certain risk factor involved with sexual intercourse. If a person engages in unprotected sex they are at risk for a number […]

AIDS Education and HIV Positive People

When people talk about AIDS education, they usually have in mind education that is provided to people who are not yet infected with HIV – often young people – to help them stay uninfected. While this is clearly important, it is also vital that people who are already living with HIV receive AIDS education. This […]

AIDS: Education and Young People

Why is AIDS education important for young people? The HIV epidemic has been spreading steadily for the past two decades, and now affects every country in the world. Each year, more people die and the number of people living with HIV continues to rise – in spite of the fact that we have developed many […]