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Know Why Gays are Fun with These Explanations to Homosexuality

Let’s face it. Gays are already becoming rampant in society nowadays. Whatever it may seem, it looks like our society is experiencing what we call “sexuality flux”. This means that the numbers of gays are becoming higher these days compared to earlier years. Today, more gays are coming out in the open and standing up […]

Age of Consent

There are some important laws regarding sex and young people, which often vary in different countries or states. This article is written mainly for adults. What does the age of consent mean? The age of consent is the age at which a young person is legally able to understand and agree to consensual sex. In […]

Am I a lesbian ?

Am I a lesbian ?

“Well am I or aren’t I… a lesbian?” This is a question that many young women might ask themselves as they grow up. Part of growing up is discovering your sexuality and learning about yourself – as all young people grow up they start to become aware of other people – and start to find […]

Gay at School

When asked, it seems that many gay men and lesbians remember their school days with very mixed feelings – a time when, in addition to the growing pains that all teens suffer, they suffered additionally at the hands of a homophobic education system, and of their classmates. Furthermore, not only do gay pupils often have […]

Lesbian Sexuality

She was beautiful, with blonde hair done up in a bun and a stunning floor-length dress that shimmered when she moved. I watched her, breathless, already half-hating the man who would meet her and sweep her off her tiny, glass clad feet. Why not a woman? I thought bitterly. Why not a connection with the […]

Worldwide Ages of Consent Chart

This table lists different countries around the world, and shows the ages at which people of different sexualities can legally have sex. If you’re an adult, and you’re reading this page for personal information, then you might need a more detailed explanation of these laws as they relate to adults. This table should only be […]


Homosexuals are emotionally and/or physically attracted to persons of the same sex. It sounds like a simple, straight-forward definition, but what if you are strongly attracted to your own sex but don’t act on it, does that make you a homosexual? What if you seek affection with one sex but physically desire sexual activity with […]

Homosexuality and Human Nature

Deciding to come out of the closet is scary for most people. It’s human nature to worry about all the things that could possibly go wrong. Unfortunately, it’s also human nature to “catastrophize,” in other words to imagine a negative outcome and take it to ridiculous lengths. For instance, to think “My landlord will find […]

Homosexuality Misconceptions and Myths

Homosexuality Misconceptions and Myths

Homophobia means the fear–and often hatred–of gay or lesbian people. As an out lesbian, I have addressed that fear many times. I have soothed anxious parents of gay teens and reassured angry protestors that I, nor any other gay person I know, has any intention of interfering with their day to day lives. Yes, sometimes […]