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10 Most Deadly and Embarrassing STDs and STIs

Having STDs and STIs is embarrassing. While most infections are not lethal, it is fairly inconvenient to have one. To deal with the scratching blisters and being totally undesirable as a sex partner, does not feel good at all. STDs/STIs may sound harmless at first but if you resort to “waiting it out”, it can lead […]

HIV, AIDS and School

Across the world, schools play a major role in shaping the attitudes, opinions and (perhaps most importantly) the behaviour of young people. Today’s generation of school children have been born into a world where AIDS is a harsh, unavoidable reality – a situation that their time at school can help them to prepare for. As […]

Oral Sex and HIV

What is oral sex? Oral sex involves giving or receiving oral stimulation (i.e. sucking or licking) to the genitalia. Fellatio (also known as a ‘blow job’) is the term used to describe oral sex given to a man. Cunnilingus is the term which describes oral sex given to a woman. Is oral sex common practice? […]

Teaching about HIV – AIDS at School

Basic AIDS education remains fundamental to the global effort to prevent HIV transmission. AIDS education can – and does – target all ages, and sexually active adults are one principal target. AIDS education is also vitally important for young people and the school offers a crucial point-of-contact for their receiving this education. Providing AIDS education […]

Why HIV – AIDS Education

Each year there are more and more new HIV infections, which shows that people either aren’t learning the message about the dangers of HIV, or are unable or unwilling to act on it. Many people are dangerously ignorant about the virus, with surveys around the world showing alarmingly low levels of awareness and understanding about […]

AIDS Education and HIV Positive People

When people talk about AIDS education, they usually have in mind education that is provided to people who are not yet infected with HIV – often young people – to help them stay uninfected. While this is clearly important, it is also vital that people who are already living with HIV receive AIDS education. This […]


What Is It? AIDS is one of the most serious, deadly diseases in human history. More than 20 years ago, doctors in the United States identified the first cases of AIDS in San Francisco and New York. Now there are an estimated 42 million people living with HIV or AIDS worldwide, and more than 3 […]