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Am I Ready for Sex ?

This is a question that almost everyone will ask themselves at some point in their lives, but unfortunately not many people will be able to answer it with a definite “yes” or “no”. We obviously don’t know you, so you’re the only person who can truly judge if you’re ready to have sex. Having sex […]

Increase Sexual Stamina to Improve Your Sex Life

Trying to find ways to increase sexual stamina can seem like a difficult thing to do. Especially when you’re not sure which techniques or methods will work? So, what I’m going to do is share with you 3 ways to increase sexual stamina.

Women Sexual Health Care and Problems related to Women Sexual Health

Many of us in love sex. That’s not anything new, right? But due to a lot of of life’s little inconvenience, some men and women knowledge some type of sexual dysfunction. Stress, sadness, taking care of the kids and family, operational long hours and even poor health can have an effect on a man or woman’s sex drive.

Spermatorrhea Treatment and Reduction of Sexual Desire

Spermatorrhea is a situation that is not very far from night emissions. It describes a situation where involuntary ejaculation occurs often in an excessive manner. In extra circumstances there is the shedding of sperms during sleep which is termed as night time pollution. This may be accompanied by erotic dreams that ignite and drive the whole process. Spermatorrhea oscillates between the prostate at times said to create a discharge and real semen ejaculations or excess urethral secretions.

A seminal emission in a way is one area that has not totally been exhausted and documented because the victims do not show any demand for medical attention. It is relatively habitual with causes ranging from physical factors to indulgence in masturbation. It is actually self abuse.

How to Improve Your Sex Life

Nothing teases a woman more than spending the night all alone without the love of her life. Be it either a marital life or an unattached relationship, it is always important to maintain a healthy relationship with each other. Having a good and healthy sex life is said to be a perfect ingredient for a […]

Consent Rules

No = No. If a partner says it, believe it. Otherwise you will be turning your potential lover into your victim. It isn’t someone else’s responsibility to set our limits. If someone doesn’t say “no,” it certainly does not mean “yes.” No answer does not = yes. Too many males have acted without good information […]

Having Questions on Your Sexuality

Homosexual people most often do not know that they are homosexuals right away. Many times, as a person enters their teen years and hormonal changes are occurring, a teen may struggle with the many overpowering sexual feelings they are having. It is at this time that some teens may wonder if they are gay or […]

Love and Sexual desire are not the same thing

Love is a strong caring for someone else. It comes in many forms. There can be love for close friends, for parents and children, for God, and for humankind. Sexual desire is a strong physical excitement. Sometimes it is a fantasy we create. Sometimes it is a heavy crush. Sometimes it is just a flirtation. […]