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The Female Condom - What is the Female Condom

The Female Condom – What is the Female Condom

What is the female condom? TheĀ female condom is a thin sheath or pouch worn by a woman during sex. It entirely lines the vagina and helps to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV. Two types of female condom are available. The FC / FC2 female condom The FC (female condom) has been […]

Facts About Condoms

Most of the population is currently sexually active. Many times people have several different sexual partners throughout their lifetime. Sex is a physical release that relieves stress and tension in the body. There are certain risk factor involved with sexual intercourse. If a person engages in unprotected sex they are at risk for a number […]

Teens and Condoms

Why do people always talk about condoms? Because if you want to have sex with someone, they’re important! Sex can be great, but there are risks involved. Aside from all the emotional issues, you can catch infections, and a woman can become pregnant. If you don’t want to end up in a STD clinic or […]

Using Condoms, Condom Types and Sizes

Using Condoms, Condom Types and Sizes

Why do I need to use a condom? Condoms are the only form of protection that can both help to stop thetransmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV and prevent pregnancy. Getting ready, choosing the right condom A number of different types of condom are now available. What isgenerally called a condom is […]

Condoms and Spermicides: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Condom Questions Why should you use a condom when you have sexual intercourse? If you are going to have sex, using a condom is the best way to protect both partners against becoming infected with a sexually transmitted disease. They also protect against pregnancy. Are condoms effective against HIV and other STDs? Condoms are very […]

Condoms: How to use them

What is a condom ? A condom is a thin, cylindrical sheath placed over the erect penis just before sexual intercourse. Condoms may be made of latex, lambskin or polyurethane. Those made of latex provide the most protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Condoms are available with or without a lubricant in a variety of […]