Sex Education Tips | Top 5 Sex Education Tips for Parents

Sex Education Tips | Top 5 Sex Education Tips for Parents

The Internet has drastically changed how people acquire information, with basic research becoming as easy as running a search on Google, Yahoo!, or other search engines. With that, there’s no telling what teens and kids can find during their online forays. Of course, parents would be concerned about what they find on the Web, since taking away online time is more difficult these days.

Sex Education TipsGiven that one of the topics they may delve into is sex, it’s not hard to see why. Some parents find themselves in a conundrum. They want to help their kids discover things, but at the same time they find it awkward to talk about this topic. To make sure you give your children the guidance they need, here are a few sex education tips to keep in mind when the time arrives.

1. Have back-up information. There may be some topics that are relevant, but difficult for you to explain, so it’ll help to have articles and perhaps videos to help you out. Make sure they’re age-appropriate.

2. Take the conversational approach. Don’t corner your kid some night after dinner, or think that you need to lecture them about the dos and don’ts of sex. Instead, try asking them questions like what they’d do when in a situation shown in a film or TV series. Sound interested, not condescending or judgemental.

Break it up into several shorter conversations, too, instead of a long and rambling lecture. Sex education, once it starts, will be an ongoing process.

3. Make sure you’re available. When you have your first chat, you may need to get things started, but make sure your kid knows you’re up to talk any time you’re free. After that, make sure that you can easily be reached. Your kid will appreciate how these ‘sex talks’ are just like any other concerns – that is, you can talk whenever they need you to.

4. Be involved. Study results have shown that fathers tend to stick to less emotional topics related to sex, and talk to sons more than to daughters. Mothers, on the other hand, talk to daughters more and lean towards more intimate, emotional, and psychological topics.

Give your kid the best of both words by having you and your spouse each take a turn. That way, they can also see values like respect, sexual decisions, and so on at work – together. Even if their school includes sex education in the curriculum, there’s nothing like getting information straight from one’s parents.

5. Don’t insist on rigidity. It’s understandable that you don’t want your son or daughter to experiment with sex; you want to keep them safe. However, sex education shouldn’t be about drilling strict rules into their heads. It should be about giving them the information they need to make smart decisions when it comes to their own sexuality.

State your reasons for being against certain things, like pre-marital sex, whatever they may be, but don’t insist that they subscribe to the same beliefs. They may well end up disregarding them in the long run.

You don’t have to have the perfect speech prepared, nor do you need to know all about the different sex positions to give your children the proper guidance; just follow the above sex education tips.

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