When Your Partner is Too Dependent on Someone Else

When Your Partner is Too Dependent on Someone Else

Get Sex GyanIf you are looking to read about unfaithfulness, this is the wrong article. It’s when a third party gets overly mixed up in the relationship. This could include a parent-in-law, a best friend, etc. These will be the folks whose POVs seem to matter more than your own. Although it’s true that you can ask other folks for marital advice, but the final decisions should ultimately fall between your other half and you.

12/08/2011 Los Angeles, CA – Bob Taylor married his better half over 6 years ago. He confesses that he feels his better half is too dependent on her mother. “I cannot help but feel like she depends too much on her mommy. It’s like everything depends on what her mom believes. They’ll be on the phone maybe 4 or 6 times per day. She’d even call her mum to inquire about her what she should prepare for dinner and other inane things like that. This has happened for any important spouses’ decision we have had to make in our married life. If my partner had her way, she would have her mom live with us.”

In times like this, there are several issues you need to ask. Who does your partner depend upon for assistance? Does this affect  your marriage in a negative way? Does it extend outside your marriage? Does it cause other difficulties like a sexless marriage? Answering these issues can help you determine what’s the best thing to do for you and your spouse.

Like with most sensible marriage advice, first thing you have to do is to speak to your partner about the difficulty. This would be true even if you have something like a loveless marriage. If you do no say anything, then your companion is just likely to believe that what they’re doing is okay with you. Talk things over as a couple. Talk to them and let them know that you are worried about how much your partner is involved with your marriage.

In the next step, you will be taking part on your issues. First, you must find out what’s the reason for your partner’s attachment to the person. Are they finding it challenging to trust you with the much more serious things? Have you not given them sufficient reason to believe that you will be able to deal with their issues? Do they not trust on their own adequate? No matter the reason, no matter how silly it is, you have to find out what it is. Be careful because if you do not try to work out through your problems it can lead to all sorts of trouble like having no sex in marriage.

Work as a couple to find out how to be more independent and how include each other in the planning of things. All judgments which entail the marriage should be worked on as a couple. For more tips regarding sex and sexual problems, please read our other entries in the website.


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