MEN Sporting Ladies’S UNDERWEAR!

Men wearing women’s underwear or erotic lingerie are not only sexual but sensual for some men.  Why wouldn’t it be? We women really like the sense of certain fabrics.  Why should men be relegated to solely cotton in white colored, black and grey?

This is different from being a transvestite, or having gender identity issues.  This is a fetish involving straight men who really like wearingwomen’s underwear and lingerie. Now these folks don’t only put on female underwear only because of the fabric.  It is once and for all a fetish and there is sexual arousal in reaction to these articles of clothing.

Booty-Shorts-5Men who apply this fetish are completely content with the gender they have.  These men dress in feminine garments and may also consider pictures of themselves while experiencing in their mind their camouflaged desires. There is a term for this fetish.  It is named Transvestic Fetishism referring to cross-dressing, but having nothing at all to do with gender identity disorder.

The only difficulty these men have, and it’s a big one, is that these men keep this fetish secret also from their companions for worry that they could be labelled a transvestite or homosexual by family, friends, and friends.

Nervousness about being termed a homosexual or transvestite keeps these men in hiding and worry about retaining their fetish a secret, even from their lovers or wives.  So they practice this fetish behind shut doors, as the anxiety raises so does the practice of the fetish.

On a weblog from a site named “” a man called Paula explained his own expertise being a straight man who wears panties:

“I am a 36 year old straight man which enjoys wearing panties. A little of my backdrop: I doubt that anybody could call into question my masculinity. I had a profession in the Military with three combat tours, led convoys nearby Baghdad, constantly scored highly on my physical fitness tests, and was in charge of my own platoon. I rose up in the ranks relatively quickly, serving in a lot of management positions. I am additionally married and the father of two boys that are as into sports as I am.

Absolutely nothing about me looks or appears feminine, but just like others that have submitted here, I had been frustrated using restricted options of what was being sold marketed for men to put on. I detest boxers in that I want support for my parts, and simply can’t stand the look and feel of “tighty-whities”. I detest the feel of the tough cotton that we are limited to. Not solely that, but there is no variety whatsoever in men’s underwear. Right after looking and looking, I was able to come across some underwear made by Marona that was a micro-fibre kind material. I started sporting those, but was still restricted to black, white, and dark blue, that’s it.  Let’s see, what should I put on today? Oooohhh, I get to choose from three!  Kind of like when I was in the military: Which should I wear today? How about green!

I realized panties relatively a few years ago when my wife as a joke, dared me to put on a pair of hers. I was hooked. They felt great, they supported me well, and I have to admit, I got turned on as well. All through the many years, she has gone back and forth on if she likes it or not. For a while we also shopped for panties with each other for me, and allowed me to wear them to bed with a nightgown. Interesting, she “permitted” me, since when must I have to be “allowed” to do something? Having said that, she is now totally against it, she does not like any bit of it even though I wish I may wear them 24/7. I have to truly disguise the truth that I wear them, that I hate having to lie to her. BTW, if there are any women reading this which refuse to let your husband put on panties and erotic lingerie; you are only forcing them to lie to you.

Not only do I love the feel and appearance of panties, but being in the army had made me aggressive, combative, and assertive. At times this is good, sometimes not. Wearing panties under my uniform was a excellent way of calming me down. At one point in the military, I virtually had a breakdown where all the expectations of my family, my soldiers, and society got to be too much. I sensed that I was hauling the load of our country on my shoulders, and with that, my family. When individuals see a trooper they expect them to be the protector, the one to battle for the country, a great instance of manliness. Society does not enable a male trooper to display feeling, any sort of softness, or any type of weakness. That is a lot to carry on your shoulders. I don’t know when, but I started wearing panties once again under my uniform, and every single once in a while, a bra or camisole. With our uniform tops, it was easy to disguise. I didn’t wear a bra or camisole while deployed, but still wore panties.

A curious thing started happening. My troopers advised me that I was much more approachable, my management style was more honest and balanced, and that I was able to hear and recognize their issues that they presented to me better. The stress started melting away and I was able to function much better. I grew to become a much better dad and partner. So even though I love wearing panties due to the range, feel, and the complete sexiness of it, there are some excellent side effects from wearing panties!”

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