Important Tips for Teaching Sex Education: Get Sex Gyan | What Parents Need to Know

Important Tips for Teaching Sex Education: Get Sex Gyan | What Parents Need to Know

Before, parents used to be the ones to give what they call “the birds and the bees” talk to their kids, so they could control how much the next generation found out about sex. However, with the Internet as widespread as it is now, getting ‘the talk’ is as simple as running an online search.

This, of course, means that kids and teens nowadays may have access to sensitive information far earlier than their parents may be comfortable with. Fortunately, you can nip that problem in the bud with these tips for teaching sex education, in a way that you and your kids won’t regret.

Get Sex Gyan1. Be conversational. It’s one thing to give a lecture on what to do and what not to do when it comes to sex. Instead, when a situation that could lead to sex shows up in a TV series or a film, ask them, casually, what they’d do. It also helps to break up the ‘lecture’ into shorter conversations.

2. Make time for it. The first time you have your chat, you may have to initiate it. But make sure your kids know that they can go to you whenever they feel they need to.

3. Don’t be one-sided. Fathers tend to stick to less emotional topics, while mothers lean towards the more intimate and emotional ones. To make sure your kids get both sides of the story, you and your spouse should take turns. Don’t make the mistake of mothers only talking to daughters, and fathers talking only to sons.

4. Get back-up information. There could be topics that are relevant, but difficult for you to explain, so have videos or articles ready to help you do so. Just make sure they’re appropriate for whatever age level your kids are in.

5. Rigidity leads to rigidity. You want to keep your kids safe – that’s understandable, of course, but drilling strict rules into them will make them less likely to obey. Remember that kids and teens are curious, and when they want to learn about something, they’ll find a way to do so.

Give them the information they need to make smart decisions when it comes to sexuality, like stating your reasons for being against pre-marital sex.

You don’t need to have the perfect speech prepared, but with the right tips for teaching sex education, you and your kids will sail through it.

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