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Tips On How To Sustain My Husband Fascinated By Me – Beneficial Counsel For Wives

“I desire to know how to maintain my husband inquisitive about me,” is a phrase many women give some thought to on the day to day foundation. There is not any denying that most marriages never remain inside the honeymoon stage for all that lengthy. The pressures of raising children, tending to succeed and juggling […]

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Healthy Relationship Secrets – Don’t Fear Losing a Relationship, Respect Being Healthy & Whole

Healthy relationships secrets to improve you be healthy and whole. Certainly not concern not placing a partnership. Respect yourself and in no way maintain on to a partnership too tight. Be fervent, but don’t allow your self to be pimped and emotionally manipulated. A healthy romantic relationship kisks off with a wholesome level of individual […]

When Your Partner is Too Dependent on Someone Else

When Your Partner is Too Dependent on Someone Else

If you are looking to read about unfaithfulness, this is the wrong article. It’s when a third party gets overly mixed up in the relationship. This could include a parent-in-law, a best friend, etc. These will be the folks whose POVs seem to matter more than your own. Although it’s true that you can ask […]

Women’s Health: Addressing Menopause with Medicines

Women always have aversion for menopause. They considered this to be the enemy of their age process.  It always hinders their enjoyment of being a woman. They always hate it and always want to kill it.  But how? Doctors always have their own dogmas and recommendations about this inevitable stage of a woman’s life. They […]

Celebrating Gayness, Uplifting Gay Pride

Being gay should be something to be proud of. This must not be something that one should be embarrassed. In this modern society being gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender has already been accepted. However, marriage between homosexuals is still being debated by some countries that are religiously influenced and are conservative. Recently, LGBT or Lesbian […]

Know Why Gays are Fun with These Explanations to Homosexuality

Let’s face it. Gays are already becoming rampant in society nowadays. Whatever it may seem, it looks like our society is experiencing what we call “sexuality flux”. This means that the numbers of gays are becoming higher these days compared to earlier years. Today, more gays are coming out in the open and standing up […]

Looking Beyond Religion’s Prejudiced View on Homosexuality Love: Does God Hate Homosexuals?

When we thought about Homosexuality love, what we mean is the emotional and physical likeness or attraction to a person of the same gender. Sometimes, when other people hear about it, they more likely feel disgusted because it is abnormal or ill in the society. More often, some people used mean words and terms referring […]

5 Things Lesbians Would Hate to Happen

Some straight women imagine that lesbian relationships are pure bliss. They remember how well they got along with their best friends and think that every day must be filled with shared feelings and every night must be a joyful slumber party. Think again. We lesbians know that our relationships, like any other relationships, must be […]

Age of Consent

There are some important laws regarding sex and young people, which often vary in different countries or states. This article is written mainly for adults. What does the age of consent mean? The age of consent is the age at which a young person is legally able to understand and agree to consensual sex. In […]

Am I a lesbian ?

Am I a lesbian ?

“Well am I or aren’t I… a lesbian?” This is a question that many young women might ask themselves as they grow up. Part of growing up is discovering your sexuality and learning about yourself – as all young people grow up they start to become aware of other people – and start to find […]

Gay at School

When asked, it seems that many gay men and lesbians remember their school days with very mixed feelings – a time when, in addition to the growing pains that all teens suffer, they suffered additionally at the hands of a homophobic education system, and of their classmates. Furthermore, not only do gay pupils often have […]

Having Questions on Your Sexuality

Homosexual people most often do not know that they are homosexuals right away. Many times, as a person enters their teen years and hormonal changes are occurring, a teen may struggle with the many overpowering sexual feelings they are having. It is at this time that some teens may wonder if they are gay or […]

Lesbian Sexuality

She was beautiful, with blonde hair done up in a bun and a stunning floor-length dress that shimmered when she moved. I watched her, breathless, already half-hating the man who would meet her and sweep her off her tiny, glass clad feet. Why not a woman? I thought bitterly. Why not a connection with the […]

Lesbians, Bisexual Women and Safe Sex

Why should lesbians think about HIV? Generally, lesbians are at low risk of HIV infection, unplanned pregnancy and becoming infected with STDs. However, even though sex between women has a reduced likelihood of transmitting HIV, transmission can still occur. Sex between women is not always safe, and therefore women need to know the risks and […]

Young Gay Men Talking – Sex & AIDS

Sex education in schools tends to focus on pregnancy and reproduction, and sometimes looks at HIV and STD prevention. Information about being gay doesn’t seem to be very common in sex education classes, which leads to misunderstandings rather than knowledge. Ignorance can end up as fear, prejudice and risky behaviour. A recent survey in the […]

Young Gay Men Talking – So am I gay Or not

“You’ve probably been brought up thinking that everyone, including yourself, is straight.” – Phil “Being gay is something you might discover about yourself as you grow up – it’s unlikely to be a sudden feeling.” – Andy “Working out you are gay will probably take a long time, and may involve very difficult feelings.” – […]


Homosexuals are emotionally and/or physically attracted to persons of the same sex. It sounds like a simple, straight-forward definition, but what if you are strongly attracted to your own sex but don’t act on it, does that make you a homosexual? What if you seek affection with one sex but physically desire sexual activity with […]

Homosexuality and Human Nature

Deciding to come out of the closet is scary for most people. It’s human nature to worry about all the things that could possibly go wrong. Unfortunately, it’s also human nature to “catastrophize,” in other words to imagine a negative outcome and take it to ridiculous lengths. For instance, to think “My landlord will find […]