How To Give the Sex Education Talk When Your Child is Gay

How To Give the Sex Education Talk When Your Child is Gay?

Giving the “sex talk” is definitely one of the few things that can be absolutely cringe worthy about parenting. Not the diaper phase, not the ‘I’ll-put-anything-in-my-mouth’ phase, and definitely not the Disney Princess/Transformers phase. No, the absolute worst is when you get to the point where you have to talk about sex with your children.

Sex EducationSex education is hard enough as it is. And while the basic, run-of-the-mill sex talk can be awkward with both parties, it’ll get harder when you won’t know what you are talking about. Especially when your kid is incredibly singular, independent and have already figured out his sexuality way before you even figured out yours. Let’s face it: when your kid decides he or she is gay (or you have a little bit of inkling that he or she might swing that way), the sex talk gets exponentially harder than Calculus fast.

Here is some advice to consider before putting yourself out there. Go on now, be brave, and come out of your parent’s closet.

Do a lot of research.

Research… Do a lot of it. When you can, re-research your researches. Know everything you can about homosexuality and let your kid know that it is going to be okay. There’s no need to be historical, but it does not hurt either when you have pop culture references like Ellen Degeneres or Matt Bomer on the get go.

Knowing gay history and movers might not turn you into the “parent of the year”, but your child knows where that trophy will go.

Understand. And let go.

When all else fails, understand. When you can’t understand, let it go. Not all things are meant to be understood, especially when it comes to gay sex. You may not understand why gay kids have to be gay in the first place, but that does not mean you have to be close-minded about it. No matter what you learn, about the sex, specifically, take it in stride. Don’t overanalyse it, just get the basics of it. Yours is to make sure he/she has the right attitude about it.

Be clinical about the sex.

This advice is actually helpful to any parent. When it’s the sex talk we are talking about, clinical is the way to go. Approach the topic with utter normality, and not in a way which makes you look like you’re antsy and anxious about it. Having this emotion only complicates things. Get to the sex talk immediately, not by running around in circles.

When you’re sure you have a gay kid, and the kid is decided about his sexuality, talk to him/her the gay sex only. Get to the details, the precautions and the act quickly, and get it over with. Be stiff with your convictions on safe sex, or no sex before 18, or whatever you want to impose on your children (that’s your business), but don’t get stiff with the act itself. Get funny, creative, or subtle. The most important thing is you get the sex education across.

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