Adult Entertainment in Australia: Top 6 Best Strip Clubs in Sydney

Adult Entertainment in Australia: Top 6 Best Strip Clubs in Sydney

Sydney is a place to visit, especially after dark. When out partying with friends or planning for a bachelor party, Sydney’s best red light strip clubs are the ones you can count on. In case you don’t know, Australia is one of the first countries to legalize the adult entertainment business and is now constantly growing along with the country’s tourism rates. If you happen to drop by Sydney, here are some of the best strip clubs downtown in no particular order:

Best Strip clubs in Australia

  1. Sefton Playhouse. Situated in front of Clapham road in Sydney, Sefton Playhouse is one of the most well-known strip clubs downtown. The typical long ledge with a pole down the end. The glitz and glamour of dozens of girls with flashing lights while enjoying the welcoming Aussie gents is what makes this strip club famous here and abroad.
  2. Pure Platinum. Situated near Park Street near Hyde Park, Pure Platinum is of smaller venues compared to others. But what makes it extra special is the Annual Miss Nude Sydney which offers a big deal of entertainment and production for their clients. Instead of paying direct cash, the establishment has its own “PP dollars” that customers can purchase when they enter the club.
  3. Porky’s Night Spot. When you say “strip club”, Porky’s offers a lot more intense meaning to it. If you are the type to just go all out on the booze and naked babes, you have found the right place near King’s Cross station.
  4. Showgirls. One of the most well-known night clubs downtown in Darlinghurst, Showgirls is one for the gentlemen. They offer private VIP rooms and well-tuned sound system. They have a huge stage and staffed with the friendliest personnel. They are a well-reviewed strip club and have a reputation in bringing the best showgirls in the business.
  5. Minx. Nightclubs are famed for gleaming neon lights and uber hot women dancing around the pole but not in Minx.
  6. Sydney Adult EntertainmentCatering to a more “sophisticated” audience, Minx is a house for pure erotic pleasure. They cater to private events from Saturday to Monday and is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday. Minx is reputed to have the best faces and bodies that Sydney has to offer.
  7. Twin Peeks. Unlike other strip clubs, Twin Peeks take attention to food and wine as anyone would on entertainment. They have tables and private shows and you can opt for a more “tasty, sweet” dessert. For people that are gastronomically craving for pleasure, you can hit this spot on Woolloomoolooo near Forbes Street.

Strip clubs are a great place to unwind and relax for a bachelor like you. Take a look at the rest of Sydney’s adult entertainment by glancing more of our blog page.

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