5 Sex Experiences You Must Try with Your partner

5 Sex Experiences You Must Try with Your partner

Get sex gyanAre you a sex explorer and desire to experience unique and varied sexcapades? If you are open minded to things associated with sex and want to delve deeper, this is a good read article especially made for you. Spice up your sex life and be frisky with the your partner. Together with the companion of your choice try out these 5 sex experiences you might not have tried but always wanted to.

Impromptu Alfresco Sex

There are a lot of people who find excitement and get an adrenaline rush when they have sex outside of the 4 corners of the room. They find it incredible. So when you unwind in Perth, you can hire an escort and finally address this sexual fantasy of yours. With the proper arrangements and approach she can actually agree. Your partner will be willing to grant your sensual and titillating wishes and make it come true.

Alfresco sex experience makes individuals go hysterical, the good kind. Most of all they get to have fun experiencing it. Be cautious in doing so because it’s hard if you are caught in the act and get yourselves in trouble. It is still safer if you do it somewhere secluded.

Love Machine

Sex toys and machines are now IN and used in sex. Vibrators can be a girl’s best friend. However a lot of guys these days enjoy good vibrations too. Common home appliances can be good mediums in providing excitement in sexual activity. Washing machines and tumble dryers can give you the whirl.

Have your sexy partner bend over the top of the said appliance that is turned on. Rock your bodies in rhythm with the machine. Both of you will feel the sexual hype and can come to satisfaction.

Breakfast Sex

Start your morning right with a couple of rounds of hot and steamy sex. Although mornings are not your usual time to get frisky, some couples become upbeat when they have sex when the sun is up. Moreover, it is a fact that guys feel more turned on because of their overflowing testosterone hormones. With that, you and your partner can try out some energetic sexual positions.

Closed-space Sex

A slightly tight environment gives some couples a steamy feeling. It’s hot to do sex in a closed-space because you and your partner will have to try out new angles to twist and rock your bodies in pleasure. Again, you also need to be careful in maneuvering to avoid any injuries.

Sumptuous Food and Sex

Get messy and experiment with food when having sex with your partner. Moreover, food is sensually stimulating. You can smother honey and chocolate over your bodies and lick each other. Tempting, isn’t it?

Live to experience these kinky sex ideas. Experience this with lovely your partner and get ready to be blown away when you turn these steamy ideas into reality.

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